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Human Resource Managers Masterfile

212,950 Human Resource Executives, Trainers, and Managers; $90/M

This is an active database of Human Resource executives and professionals who have responded to corporate and career-enhancement offers through direct mail.

Unlike other Human Resource lists on the market which may include up to 30% of vendor names, this list excludes suppliers of support services to HR Professionals -- and focuses solely on the organizational buyers of HR products and services.

Comprised from the mailing lists of various publishers and direct marketers, this HR database includes seminar and workshop attendees, and others who have purchased books, reports, tapes, workbooks, directories, posters, premium products and reference guides.

HR Direct Mail Topics include:

Recruitment, Retention, Interviewing and Selection; Employee Performance Counseling; Total Quality Management; Executive Management; and Health and Wellness Programs.

A sampling of list owners represented in the database includes:

James L. Evers Associates, Organizing Solutions, Jacob-Cameron Publishing, SafetyLine, Future Strategies, Great Western Publishing Company, Pacesetter Publications, Wellness Reproductions, Winters Communications, and others.

Special Selects include:

Absenteeism & Attendance 11,000
Group Practice Executives 2000
Safety Line Medical Offices 500
County Department of Health 1000
Director of Personnel 7500
Employee Performance Evaluation & Documentation 6,000
HR Vice Presidents 2000
Health Prose Medical Offices 1000
Quality Matters Subscribers 2000
County Health Department 1000
Employee Policies 12,000
Chamber of Commerce 5000
HR Vice Presidents 2500
VH Medical Offices 500
HR TOM Professionals 3000
HMO/PPO Chief Administrator 1000
Health Promotion & Employee Services 6,550
Employee Assistance Professionals 3000
REC EPA Customers 500
Health Promotion Specialists 1500
Work & Spirituality Programs 1500
Hospital Health Promotion Director 50
Interviewing, Recruitment, Screening, & Applicant Tracking 12,500
HR Manager 6000
Employment & Recruitment 3500
Hospital HR Director 3000
Labor Law Compliance 11,000
HMO/PPO Executives 1000
HR Directors 6500
HR Labor Relations 2500
Hospital Administrator 1000
Leadership & Management Skills 11,200
Enlightened Leadership 3500
Presidents & CEOs 3500
Hoovers CEOs 4000
Management & Supervision 3,600
Choice Performance 1200
Choice Performance Coaches 600
Home Health Administrator 1000
Hospital Assistant Administrator 300
OSHA Compliance & Accident Prevention 35,000
Safety Managers 25,000
Compliance Technologies 5000
Hospital Safety Director 2500
Payroll & Benefits Administration 14,000
Hoover CFOs 5000
HR Vice President 2000
Compensation & Benefits 3000
Perks, Motivation & Incentive Promotions 19,000
Customer Service Managers 2000
Volunteer Organizations 2000
Personnel Department Records 31,000
CMI 5000
Reality Based Seminars 5000
HR Department Staff 15,000
Software & Systems 17,500
Hoover HR Directors 6500
Fortune 1000 Execs 1000
Dream Maker Business Multi-buyers 5000
Training, Development & Executive Education 19,000
Executive Education Professionals 4000
Organization Development Professionals 3500
Corporate Trainers 5000
OD Professionals 3000
Training Staff 500
Training Manager 1000
Training Director 1000
Training VP 200
Canada 3,600
Canadian Safety Managers 2000
Canadian Book Buyers 500
Health & Wellness Professionals 500
Employee Assistance Professionals 100
Human Resource Manager 500

This is the database to test -- if you want to reach proven direct mail buyers and responsive HR Professionals at corporate and government addresses.



SOURCE:  65% Direct Mail;  35% Compiled.


Recency/Gender/Title/Specialty $5/M
Zip, SCF, State $5/M
Key Coding $3/M
Diskette $30/Flat
E-Mail, Setup & Processing $30/Flat
P/S Labels $10/M
Cheshire Labels No Charge
Standard Shipping / 2nd Day / Overnight $15 / $20 / $30
One-Time Use Only, Unless Otherwise Approved by List Owner
Minimum Order is 3,000 Names
Net Name Arrangement (85% + $15/M Run Charges) If Available
Prepayment for New Orders/Mailers
Commissionable to Recognized Brokers
Sample Mailer Required for Approval
Cancellations after processing will be billed computer running charges
Reciprocal list rental may be required

LIABILITY: HR Direct, Inc. represents the various mailing lists of independent publishers and direct marketers.   We can not guarantee the deliverability or outcome of any mailing. We will reimburse postage fees for undeliverable mail in excess of ten percent (10%) of the mailing provided the returned labels are forwarded to us within 60 days of the mailing for identification and verification.  We are not liable for any other damages or losses incurred through the list(s) provided.  In no event is HR Direct, Inc.'s liability to exceed the actual rental fee of the list.  

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