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Women's Spirituality Forum

20,199 Book Buyers and event Attendees; $90/M

These women are buyers of books on the subject of feminist spirituality, and paying attendees of workshops and events supporting the empowerment of women.

The Women’s Spirituality & Feminist Movement is a non-profit organization that has provided these workshops and events, as well as providing support for women’s spirituality for the past 30 years. Members have attended such functions as the Biannual International Goddess Festival, a gathering of women for the purpose of celebrating the Goddess in every woman.

These women have also purchased books by author Zsuszanna Budapest, the founding mother of feminist spirituality. Titles by Budapest include Goddess in the Bedroom, Grandmother of Time, Goddess in the Office, The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, and her most recent book, Summoning the Fates.

List source: Direct mail, workshop attendees.

Average book order size: $17.50

Average seminar price: $300

These are intelligent, open-minded, New Age women, who have an active interest in feminist spirituality and women’s issues.


Recency/Gender/Title/Specialty $5/M
Zip, SCF, State $5/M
Key Coding $3/M
Diskette $30/Flat
E-Mail, Setup & Processing $30/Flat
P/S Labels $10/M
Cheshire Labels No Charge
Standard Shipping / 2nd Day / Overnight $15 / $20 / $30
One-Time Use Only, Unless Otherwise Approved by List Owner
Minimum Order is 3,000 Names
Net Name Arrangement (85% + $15/M Run Charges) If Available
Prepayment for New Orders/Mailers
Commissionable to Recognized Brokers
Sample Mailer Required for Approval
Cancellations after processing will be billed computer running charges
Reciprocal list rental may be required

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