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At HR Direct, Inc. we specialize in finding mailing lists and market niches for clients nationwide. In addition to the publicized mailing lists that are readily available through trade directories and marketing channels, we are experts at finding smaller, niche lists traditionally overlooked by other brokers.


There is only a nominal cost for our list research services
We will provide you with a "list of lists" of prospective lists
You can select and test mailing lists in order of priority


The following list services are provided to our clients:

List Research

We will conduct mailing list research for your marketing campaign. Research will include both those lists published in trade directories, and those lists not generally available through traditional marketing channels`. These are what we call "niche" lists. We will then provide you with a comprehensive "list of lists" for review, along with complete details on those lists you want to pursue further.   Please contact us for a quote on your project.

List Rental Approvals

In order to rent a mailing list, a sample of your mailer must be reviewed and approved by the list owner. We will handle all the details of mailing list clearances and approvals directly with the list owner or their list management company on your behalf. In some cases, the list owner will decline the rental if the offer is too competitive with their own marketplace.

List Ordering and Billing

List rentals require purchase orders that include: List title, quantity, want date, mail date, key codes, selects, ship to, key codes, special instructions and other specific requirements. Whether you are renting one list, or hundreds of lists, this process is best handled by our professionals, to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Reference Accounts: Client references are available on request.

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