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SafetyLine Health & Safety

11,909 Compliance Manuals Buyers; $95/M

These employee safety directors and plant managers purchased SafetyLine's comprehensive compliance manuals priced from $195 to $395 to meet EPA and OSHA requirements.

Most are manufacturers, but the list also includes government employers, school districts, and healthcare institutions that purchased health and safety training materials for their own in-house programs.

Health and Safety Programs Regulations covered in these guides include: Hazard Communications, Illness and Injury Prevention, Hazardous Waste Management, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, Air Quality, Bloodborne Pathogens, Compliance Action Checklist, Employee Training, and Release Reporting.

They are active, safety-conscious managers with significant budgets dedicated to decreasing downtime and increasing employee safety.

Source: 100% Direct Mail.

Average Order Size: $199.

This list is exclusive with HR Direct, Inc. and is not available from any other source.

This is the list to test if you want to reach direct mail responsive safety managers, plant managers, and employee training departments that have purchased compliance manuals for their own in-house safety programs.

Suggestion: Save this datacard to file, or print screen to your printer.

Recency/Gender/Title/Specialty $5/M
Zip, SCF, State $5/M
Key Coding $3/M
Diskette $30/Flat
E-Mail, Setup & Processing $30/Flat
P/S Labels $10/M
Cheshire Labels No Charge
Standard Shipping / 2nd Day / Overnight $15 / $20 / $30
One-Time Use Only, Unless Otherwise Approved by List Owner
Minimum Order is 3,000 Names
Net Name Arrangement (85% + $15/M Run Charges) If Available
Prepayment for New Orders/Mailers
Commissionable to Recognized Brokers
Sample Mailer Required for Approval
Cancellations after processing will be billed computer running charges
Reciprocal list rental may be required

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