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At HR Direct, Inc., we provide exclusive mailing list research services*. This includes researching, locating, and reporting on every mailing list available in the country that may be relevant to you and your organization. Essentially, these mailing lists will come from three sources:

  1. Advertised and published directories and online services of lists
  2. Non-advertised lists that are hard to find, such as those owned by nonprofit associations and organizations
  3. Customized databases of niche-market lists, specifically built to meet target market needs.

Our role is to match your brochure, catalog, and mailing materials to these list resources. We will then prepare for you a "LIST OF LISTS" detailing each list by name, selects, quantities, pricing, and characteristics. In some cases, usage reports will be available for your review. You will then be provided with a spreadsheet of information for consideration.  We can either fax, e-mail, or postal mail the report to you, whichever you prefer.

* Sorry, we cannot process requests for small quantities of names.  Most list owners require a minimum order of 5,000 names or equivalent rental fee (approximately $500).   Our research service is available only to those mailers who can meet this minimum requirement.

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? There is a nominal fee for our mailing list research services.   This is due to the extensive work and resources we provide our clients.   For example, we will research any given product category and then produce a "list of lists" and the corresponding datacards for your review.   Please call for a quote on your project.

Further, as an extension of this service, we can also provide all the necessary paperwork and other services required to obtain the list or lists you want.

OUR LIST BROKERING PROGRAM: After you have selected the list(s) you want to order, we can provide the following services:
  1. Contact list owners and managers.
  2. Order data cards and usage where required.
  3. Prepare pre-rental clearance approvals.
  4. Prepare list rental purchase orders.
  5. Follow-up on shipping and quality control.
  6. Troubleshoot problems.
  7. Make payments to owners/managers for list rentals.

Additionally, for multiple list orders, you can have all magnetic tapes and shipping labels sent to our office for quality control. We will inspect these materials, identify the source and quantities, and forward them to your fulfillment service along with a report to help expedite the process of merging and mailing lists.

The cost to you is no more than you would pay if you ordered each list directly.

We earn our income from the commissions paid to us by the list owner or list manager. There is no additional charge to you for these value-added services.

For more information on our mailing list research services,  (641) 472-7188 or via e-mail:

Telephone: (
641) 472 7188 or FAX: (641) 472 5729
Address: 508 N. Second St., Fairfield, IA 52556-2464